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Trump Transition Timeline: From Election Day to Day 100 of His Administration
by Countable
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  • Louise

    Hi there. I just came back from marching in Washington yesterday and want to tell you what's on my mind about this new administration. I am concerned about the disjointed "plan" to replace the ACA with state controlled Medicare. I am distressed by the supremely unqualified cabinet picks. I am nervous over the murmurs of cutting all funding to the NEA and NEH when doing so will not even come close to solving the budget crisis. I am worried that Trump's conflicts of interest and ties to Russia are not being examined closely or quickly enough. But more than any of these concerns, all of which frankly I cannot believe are things I am worried about as an American citizen in 2017, I am shocked and appalled at the way our new press secretary treated the press yesterday. Lying to our news outlets is reprehensible and the first step in dismantling a true democracy. Please get to work and take this administration to task.

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