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Wisconsin Governor Activates National Guard After Protesters Attack State Senator & Tear Down Statues
by Countable
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  • Ken
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    The national guard is ill trained and ill equipped for crowd control duties. If the government sees protesters as nails, to be pounded down with a hammer, the end result will be more violence, not less. We must not condone the use of violence by the state against the people. That way lies the abuses of communist China, and events such as Tiananmen Square. If the people of this country are the hands of the country, to build up and improve our lots in life, the destruction of a few statues is not sufficient reason to bring the hammer down on our own fingers. We must not see those fingers as nails to be hit with a hammer. Let us also not forget the unequal message these monuments carry. White culture and empire is celebrated, while the abuses, violence and outright genocides that got us to this point in history are forgotten and are shamefully unrepresented. We remember George Washington as the founder of the country, but ignore that he was a slave owner who gained his wealth by exploiting other human beings. We commemorate General Custer while ignoring that he was a homicidal maniac bent on slaughtering an entire group of cultures to the last person. We honor Columbus for discovering America, while ignoring his atrocities against the native people who already lived here. These are not the only examples. This is a problem across the board, engendered by centuries of white supremacy and indifference to the evil effects our actions have had on others. If we, as white people, want to keep our monuments, then we must fairly represent and remember our own faults as well. We must remember those who have kept us honest. We must remember all our heroes as they really were, and remember equally those who were not white, and those who suffered to make our country what it is today. Or we must abandon the false symbols, and embrace the ugly reality... that the history of our country is filled with suppression, abuse, genocide and hatred. We must work to be better than our ancestors. To be better than our parents and grandparents. To be the best and most honest and honorable people we can be. We must not call in the national guard against people who are protesting centuries of oppression.

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