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Should Vote-by-Mail Ballots That Aren’t Received by Election Officials Until After Election Day Be Counted?
by Countable
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  • Ken
    Voted Yes

    States must be required to support vote by mail, and shenanigans such as sending out ballot envelopes in a pre-sealed state, not sending ballots to any significant group of voters or deliberately making it difficult to register to vote should be harshly punished by law with significant jail time attached. Elections in which such shenanigans occur should be required to be run again without the shenanigans. Also, outlaw *all* forms of gerrymandering. Require that states allow use of a community address or post office box mail on voter registrations. Make it illegal to automatically purge voters from voting rolls for any reasons other than death or violent criminal offense. Require that states mail out ballots providing sufficient time to make an informed decision, fill out, and return the ballots (2 weeks would be good). Ban touch screen voting machines that do not provide a physical paper trail that is open to visual audit by voters. Finally, require that states allow non-violent offenders and people who have finished serving time to regain their right to vote. It might be asking a little too much this time around, but we should also replace first pass the post with ranked voting as well as eliminate the electoral college for all national elections.

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