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Trump Warns of Military Deployment if Riots Continue: We Can't Let 'Righteous Cries of Peaceful Protesters' Be 'Drowned Out by An Angry Mob'
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    He’s spot on. People who are legitimately protesting have every right to do so and Antifa and others who are inciting riots are usurping the right of those protestors. It is unjust and criminal and those who incite riots and harm others need to be criminally charged and prosecuted. Poor George Floyd is being disrespected by all those who are being violent and don’t give a shit about those legitimately protesting or George Floyd. Anybody who supports such violent protesting, riots, looting, or Antifa are racist and perpetuating this problem. Don’t be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution. Stand up against the terrorist organization known as Antifa and against all the rioters and let them know that we stand for George Floyd and against Antifa and domestic terrorists.

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