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Democrats Release Updated House Schedule With 42 Voting Days the Rest of the Year - Should They Increase Their Workload?
by Countable
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  • John
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    This past week in America has been an inflection point in our march toward the future. The future will not be with Trump. We need to look past him and past the Mitch McConnell Senate. We need to begin think what we want the future to look like, and not question if it is possible. It is possible. When our power is aligned in the Presidential Office, The House, and The Senate, new legislation will flow like a Spring River. The pandemic has pointed out many serious flaws in our health care systems, and how it also affects our economic and National Security. The firings of the Inspector Generals and the FBI lawyers has shown abuses in power by a president we never would have imagined. This needs a big check on Presidential power and oversight. The murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis shows the need to reign in protections of rogue racist cops. Plenty of new legislation needs to be written under the new context that Democrats will win the Presidency, Senate, and House, and can fix some of these problems that in past years were unthinkable.

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