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Trump Calls Minneapolis Protesters ‘THUGS’ and Threatens ‘Looting’ Will Lead to ‘Shooting’ – Twitter Hides Tweet for ‘Glorifying Violence’
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  • J

    I live in Minneapolis. It is not right for these violent protests to persist. They are dangerous and those participating need to be arrested. No one is above the law. They are committing felonies. The Presidents tweet was not glorifying violence. He was speaking against the crimes and violence that is occurring! Twitter is wrong. As usual. The death of George Floyd is tragic and those responsible for their wrongdoing need to be held accountable. Again, no one is above the law. But anyone who condones violent protests and the harm against those who are not accountable, are no better for condoning such behavior, and as far as I’m concerned, all those who condone such are accountable for being accomplices in perpetuating such. Wake up people, being a part of the problem is NOT the solution. And Twitter is part of the problem.


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