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Are Houses of Worship Essential During a Pandemic?
by Countable
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  • John
    Voted No

    This is such an idiotic question and I can’t even believe it’s on here. If you think that you need to go to a church to talk to God or otherwise he’s not going listen to you, I think you have a problem with your God. Religion can be such a funny thing, touchy for some people which makes you wonder how deep their faith is. It’s also to a degree insightful, I think religion used to live in the helping of one another not so much being in a building but being every “man’s” brother. Could it be the more we moved into those buildings with walls that kept people separated the more we’ve separated ourselves from each other? We became more exclusive, we became Baptist we became Jewish became Protestants and Catholics etc. etc. etc. Sure you can say everybody is welcome but still if they’re not part of your religion there just a visitor. Jesus didn’t sit in the church he walked around amongst the people. That’s how he spread his philosophy to the world. His religion didn’t have walls. I have to say I get nervous when I hear people quoting the Bible as if they can channel God. I don’t think God has a cellphone I don’t think God sits around in the building if God as anywhere he is in each of us and each of us to keep the other safe.

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