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House Republicans File Lawsuit to Block Democrats' Proxy Voting Plan As Unconstitutional
by Countable
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  • John
    Voted Yes

    The question is a no brainer asinine to even ask about. Here’s another asinine thing today Trump was called out by Twitter for lying in his tweets! Oh my god what a shock Trump lies in his tweets! What’s really laughable is that he then said the Twitter was trying to throw the election! What a complete and utter freak Donald Trump is. Perhaps he should get down to his true level and pull out his crayons in directly write his lies to his cult following. Doesn’t he know that everybody even the people that follow him know he’s a F’n liar. I’m sick to death of this man he’s killed 100,000 Americans with his negligence. And I’m sick to death of anybody that supports him. How could you support a man that shares a huge degree of responsibility for killing somebody’s child or somebody’s grandchild or somebody’s grandparents or father or mother this assholes done exactly that.

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