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Are Houses of Worship Essential During a Pandemic?
by Countable
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  • J
    Voted Yes

    Who is anyone to say a church isn’t essential to someone else? Do churches provide charity to those in need? Yes. Do they provide fellowship? Yes. Do they provide counseling? Yes. No one should dictate what someone else can or can’t do. People are responsible for themselves. If someone feels that going to church is harmful, they simply don’t have to go, but for someone that going to church is not considered harmful in their opinion, then no one should prevent them from going. People seem to think that humans need to be told what to do all the time. We are sentient beings who think for ourselves. We make decisions for ourselves. It doesn’t matter if someone else doesn’t agree with a decision when it’s not their decision to make. Just because someone believes there is a threat, does NOT mean there is a threat. Just because someone is told there is a threat, does NOT mean there is a threat. If you believe there is a threat, it’s your decision to act as you see fit. Just like it’s someone else’s decision to act how they see fit. It’s that simple. Mind your own business.

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