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Officials Warn ‘Deaths of Despair’ May Rise Amid Pandemic-Induced Isolation & Joblessness - Are You Concerned?
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  • Harry
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    We are social beings that are now very interconnected to each other not only by personal contact, phone, and the internet (social networking). Yet, we all crave, to some degree actual human to human presence/contact. This imposed Social Distancing has robbed us of a very important part of our social approbations such as, "you are looking good" or other such visual clueing. The rising drug deaths seem to indicate a type of boredom, the increased suicides seem likely from imposed isolation and that effect on fragile souls. Remember Health Authorities have banned religious group gatherings. We need to find a way to live with Coronavirus, as it is going to be around for a very long time like the 1918 Spanish Flu which is still around. Vaccines would be best but developing herd immunity by any method or reducing the infection rate by pharmacuetical needs to be the short term goal. People are revolting to earn a living, all those who are self-supported with mouths to feed, need to work to feed themselves. Denying them this ability will cement loyalties to those they view as supportive of their ability to work, earn money, and feed themselves and families. The Blue States will lose their citizen supporters as more and more people spend their savings just to live on. Find a way to distribute a pharmaceutical preventive that reduces the possibility of being infected. When visiting Africa in 2011, I took antimalarial dosages of the Chloroquine, other than some weird dreams no harm. People with Lupus and other diseases are prescribed this drug and are living good lives. If the population already on this drug, because of prescribed need, have a lower incidence of COVID infection then start correcting the media hype and fear headlines. Fight this battle with all of the existing tools and do not tie our hands waiting for a magic bullet against the Coronavirus.

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