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Trump Slams Study That Suggests Earlier Lockdown Could Have Saved 36,000 Lives
by Axios
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  • John
    Voted Yes

    What a coward he has himself tested every day, he has everyone around him tested and drugs himself every day. All for a virus that he said never existed; that was phony and made up by the left-wing press & the democratic party. He said that on national TV I can’t be denied. Anyone that backs this idiot at this point should question their sanity. 100,000 dead Americans, the country is trillions of dollars in debt-all in 3 1/2 years! What a genius, what a murderer. A Complete jack ass. And what is he doing now he’s playing golf every weekend. No one could ever make this shit up it’s so unbelievable, but it’s happening. He is taken his supporters and the rest of us on a massive ride to Hell. If you vote Republican vote for anyone other than this idiot. What would possibly be left at this country after four more years of incompetent asinine stupidity. He’s killing Democrats & Republicans alike. And he’s putting us in debt And our children in debt for the rest of their lives!

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