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Trump: 'We’re Not Closing Our Country' for Second Coronavirus Wave - Are You Concerned for a Second Wave?
by Axios
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    Thank you Trump for standing up to the nonsense! There will not be a second wave when there wasn’t a first. The data continually shows that the mortality rate of this virus is less than 1%. This is no worse than the seasonal flu. This is what the data actually shows! The reported CV deaths are even far less than what the media reports because deaths that are are not confirmed CV are being included! Even the CDC website references this fact. The response to this virus has been unwarranted! People’s lives are being ruined because of the fear mongering and fascist policies. This is far more scary than this virus, and people need to wake up to this fact, and take their freedom back! Don’t wear a mask! It does no good! This is also A FACT! This is the science behind it! People need to stop watching TV and get their facts from the actual science, not the media manipulated narrative.

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