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SC Congressman Mick Mulvaney Facing Confirmation as Trump's Budget Chief
by Countable
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  • Jen

    Senator Tillis and Senator Burr, I no longer believe that you listen to your constituents but feel I have to keep trying. Hundreds of your constituents, including myself, called and emailed you begging you to vote against DeVos, and you ignored us. We called and emailed again begging you to vote against Sessions, and you ignored us. Now we're asking you to vote against Mulvaney. I know you will ignore us, I know my senators care only about profiting from their votes and not about representing their constituents. I keep writing only so you know that I will not ignore you. I am watching, remembering, and I vote. I don't sell my votes, in fact it would take me 2.5 years to earn the amount of money Senator Tillis alone received for voting for DeVos. I vote for the candidate who represents his or her constituents, works for the American people, and stands up for human rights. You have done nothing to earn my vote come your reelection. Please, prove me wrong. Shock everyone in Charlotte and do the right thing.

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