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Biden, Comey, & Obama's Chief of Staff Among List of Officials Who May Have Unmasked Flynn
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  • Harry
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    Obamagate stinks to high heaven of the misuse and probable abuse of power. I believe the Obama-Biden Administration wanted so many people requesting unmasking, to give cover to their designated media leakers. This was a coordinated attempt attainting the incoming Trump Administration. Planting an invented "Wag the Dog" story, using Hillary's campaigns opposition information in a Russian Dossier containing no verified facts. Gen.Flynn was a target because of his visibility, the fact he worked in the Obama-Biden Administration, he had very firm views on the need to reorganize the Intelligence Agencies based on his experiences as an end-user of their information. These Agencies were concerned about these plans. Bring everything into the daylight, the American people deserve the truth and those who were misled by their trust in the national media which was in cahoots with these leakers and they did not bother to double-check, used Anonymous sources. and asked no probing follow up questions. It is time for the truth to win out!

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