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Justice Dept. to Drop Charges Against Michael Flynn, Citing 'Unjustified' FBI Interview - Do You Agree?
by Countable
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  • Harry
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    From the evidence so far, (and just released yesterday and today) he only pled to the "lying charge" to protect his son from false prosecution. As Justice Department said, this case did not follow the standards which were in effect, instead it became personal vendetta to punish Flynn for his failure to support Biden- Obama's crowing in Bin Laden as his DNI. Top DoJ officials prior to Wm. Barr, lost sight of the goal which was to force Flynn to resign as DNI to prevent him from implenting his state reorganization plan fir the Intelligence apparatus. They should have quit while ahead, pushed to far by a sympathetic nit questioning media which did not investigate on its own and never chalkenged obviously wring statements by lead Dems, sycophantic relationship instead of adversarial. If Media had been doing its job instead of just spewing unedited Democrat talking points they would have forced Dems into changing their approach, perhaps avoiding this black eye entirely. Finally the adults are in charge. Hopefully thise who have kied and abused their power will be held to account.

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