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SC Congressman Mick Mulvaney Facing Confirmation as Trump's Budget Chief
by Countable
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  • Whitney

    Dear Representative, From student loans to health care, from road and infrastructure funding to caring for veterans, Congress has the ability to significantly alter some of the most basic aspects of our lives. Appointing Congressman Mick Mulvaney to Budget Chief would be a failure from day 1. There are too many reasons against appointing Mick Mulvaney. Those reasons include his inability to get along well with his colleagues, his disdain for working with his opposition, his lack of respect for the needs of women, his cozy relationship with lobbyists and special interests, his office-hopping ambition, his failure to accomplish anything substantive, his evident hypocrisy, and his failure to adhere to his stated principles. Quite honestly, he is patently is unfit for the office he currently occupies. He helped himself to the use of public funds to support his private real estate projects in Lancaster County, but opposes using public financing to help South Carolina’s young people attend college, South Carolina businesspeople expand their business, and South Carolina families get their first home. He has fought for corporate interests, the same ones that fund his campaigns, without regard for their impact on the people he represents. His disinclination to learn about science forces him to deny climate change, deny the effects of the Zika virus, and misunderstand many of our most pressing national issues. Not to mention, Mr. Mulvaney, along with 17 other Members, sent a letter to House Republican Leadership requesting that Planned Parenthood be defunded through every available measure. A co-founder the Freedom Caucus, a group of ultra-conservative Republican House members, the letter regarding Planned Parenthood stated he will "vehemently urge House Republican leadership to use every available tool to strip [Planned Parenthood] of any and all taxpayer funds and take measures to prevent this organization from receiving taxpayer dollars in the future. Furthermore, we will not support any funding measure that provides taxpayer dollars for this organization.”". Interesting fact: as reported in the New York Times, Congressman Mulvaney failed to pay FICA and federal and state unemployment taxes on a household employee for the years 2000-2004. And in 2013, a blogger discovered that Mick Mulvaney had owed thousands of dollars in back taxes for as long as five years. The man CANNOT EVEN MANAGE HIS OWN FINANCES. Mick Mulvaney has proved himself skilled at fingerpointing (at John Boehner, at President Obama, at fellow Republicans, at Congressional Democrats) but has rarely taken responsibility for his own failings as a Congressman. Please vote NO on Mulvaney.

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