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Whistleblower Alleges Trump Administration Ignored Coronavirus Warnings
by Axios
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  • John
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    The Impeached President cannot stand to hear any criticism. He is firing staff, staying up all night to tweet about people who he perceives has maligned him. He’s so sensitive to criticism, he said he believes he’s been treated worse than President Lincoln. I say to that, “Not yet.” His mental illness is obviously interfering with his ability to do his job. My state of Minnesota reported the highest COVID19 related hospitalizations it has had to date today thus far. The perspective Trump has is one of desperation due to all the criticism for his bungling that has led to 70,000 deaths so far in the USA. His polls are looking terrible. He knows he’s going to be a one term president if he lasts that long. Less than 6 months now from the Election. My bet is he’s going to take any Republican he can blame for his own failures down with him.

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