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Flynn Resigns As National Security Advisor, What Happens Next?
by Countable
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  • Cathy

    As I watch the news unfold regarding Trump's top campaign aides being involved with Russian contacts during the earlier stages of his election campaign, in addition to the latest news resulting in Mike Flynn's resignation, I strongly urge that the Congress and Senate demand a bipartisan investigation into this entire affair. I am appalled that Republicans in both the House and Senate want to ignore the mounting evidence of a foreign government's undermining a fundamental Democratic process. It's hard to disregard the increasing possibility that Trump himself was also directly in collusion with the Russian's interference in our most recent election. As this entire sordid event evolves, failure of our government to get ahead of this by conducting an appropriate and thorough investigation will only further erode the American people's faith in our system of government. You might as well take the Constitution, to which you all swore an oath, and toss it down the toilet because that is as much respect as you show it by your inaction. Do your job!

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