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Track the States as They Begin Reopening - All 50 States in Phased Reopening: New Jersey & West Virginia Ease Restrictions Monday
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  • David
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    Why open up? Well, Sweden has not imposed a lockdown of their economy. They are not making the case that developing herd immunity will be effective in the short run. Sweden is thinking ahead, developing herd immunity while keeping their economy going to better deal with the possible second and third waves. Looking at the Johns Hopkins dashboard for mortality rates in deaths per 100,000 for each country, Sweden is not out of line with the average of countries that locked down, and without the short term and long term devastation to their economy. Country Deaths/100k pop. San Marino 118.40 Belgium 60.56 Andorra 51.94 Spain 49.02 Italy 43.66 France 33.81 United Kingdom 30.65 Netherlands 25.67 Ireland 21.90 Sweden 21.53 Switzerland 18.78 US 16.43 Luxembourg13.99 Monaco 10.34 Portugal 8.56 Denmark 7.21 Germany 7.09 Iran 6.91 Canada 6.87 Austria 6.06 Slovenia 3.92 Panama 3.81 Norway 3.78

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