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Biden Sweeps First Primaries Since Coronavirus Declared National Emergency
by Axios
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  • Dane
    Voted No

    I wouldn't vote for anyone who doesn't value life, or do everything with in their power to save the lives of the most vulnerable among us. I wouldn't vote for anyone who doesn't believe in the Constitution and respect the values and principles of our founders. I am a Republican and find that the issues that concern me most are no where near in line with the issues that Biden has chosen to champion and support. I oppose abortion,( it is no one's right to take the life of an innocent child), I oppose a single payer healthcare system,( it does not best serve the needs of the masses, and has proven to be ineffective when it is most important.) I believe that "climate Change" is an issue that receives entirely too much attention and is not nearly as important as many many other issues, and I don't agree with a party that focuses so much energy and resources on an idea with so little foundation, with so little evidence and with such a relatively short history? ( If the Earth is really Billions of years old and mankind is so young, relatively speaking, how can scientist consider such a small sample size to be so accurate? It is all pretty much theoretical speculation and hypothesis.) I could go on and on, but the point is, Biden offers absolutely no hope for opportunity, and would only further divide the country as Obama did.

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