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Dershowitz: 'The President Has the Power That Kings Have Never Had' - Is America a Monarchy? Should it Be?
by If You Can Keep It
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  • demoskratos
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    An interesting way to look at our country - is it a monarchy, or a democratic republic or neither? Are we really governing ourselves or are we letting powerful interests rule over us? Does it matter what we call it when the truth about it is staring us in the face? Yes the office of president has powers, as does the supreme court, and congress but that's not anything new - it's just that this president opened up a can of worms and we should all take stock of them and pay attention! One thing that's clear is that power is not with the people. Can we change that? Of course! It starts with asking the hard questions like these, joining together and standing together for what we want - ( A democracy I hope ) it's never going to happen by us getting lost in bureaucracy and being distracted by the system doing exactly what "We the People" let it do. Asking if king Trump inc. is in charge now is irrelevant to because the real question is "Are we the people in charge?" - short answer NO. I am working to change that - join me! - yes the name is boring, but the movement towards what we really want is real ( demos=people krátos = power )

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