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Kellyanne Conway Says Pelosi Should Be Censured for Tearing Up Trump’s Speech - Do You Agree?
by Axios
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  • Laura
    Voted No

    It is the not-a-real-president who is in need of being called out and corrected, not Speaker Pelosi. So that’s what Pelosi did in her own distinctly demonstrative and efficient way. Good on her. From my heart and the hearts of so many Americans who are hurt daily by that horrible man to Pelosi’s fingers. She acted in behalf of us all. And in that moment once again became a hero to us all. Speaker Pelosi embodies the kind of true patriotism and the heart of a servant who loves her country the soulless hag Kellyanne Conway mocks every time she speaks. A case in point is how Kellyanne is currently trying so hard to distract from all the many verifiable lies in the #SOTU by barfing up still more putrid lies of her own in service to her orange tinged dark lord.

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