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Impeachment Trial Day 10: Senate Rejects Additional Witnesses, Vote on President Trump's Conviction or Acquittal to Occur Wednesday
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • James
    Voted Angry

    I believe that this will end very badly for this country. The senate has folded to the mediocrity of Trumps megalomania. Now will come the fallout. The very fabric of the truth and the sensibility of what’s to be expected from the office of POTUS is destroyed. What will this President do next, there is clearly no longer any consequences for his actions. What will we do when he calls for further foreign interference in our democracy. It’s a truly one of the fragile time in our republic. The perfect time for attacks by our adversaries. It is wrong, very wrong the this president with impunity and without consequences. I urge my Representatives to continue there work to shore up our democracy.

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