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Impeachment Trial Day 8: Senators Begin Questioning Trump Defense Team & Democratic Managers
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • James
    Voted Happy

    I believe that we need to DEMAND the inclusion of witnesses and the requested documents. It is also amazing to me that Dershowitz can actually address the law makers claiming that in his last impeachment trial that what he said was in fact wrong and now he’s right, sorry can’t have it both ways. I would like to see the scope of the impeachment expanded because this president can’t even tell the truth about the weather. His unilateral decision to turn on our allies and and allowing them to be over run. His lies regarding the safety of our troops after the Iran air strikes. His lies regarding trade wars. Assuming he does get re-elected what will the world suffer next! PLEASE WE CANNOT ENDURE 4 MORE YEARS.

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