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House Democrats Vote to Send Impeachment Articles to Senate for Trial, Appoint Impeachment Managers
by Countable
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  • Robert
    Voted Oppose

    This is just a PR circus to obstruct and prevent the Republicans from accomplishing any of the Republican agenda, and their hopes of preventing a Trump reelection with hopes of taking over the Senate. The is politics at it's worst, and is not compatible with good governing. The concentration of power into political parties (i.e. Democrat and Republican) is a great danger to our liberties, but that has become our governing reality. Now we have Marxist, Socialist, Communist morons in control of the Democratic Party which are totally happy with this circus they have made. I hope everything and I mean everything comes out in the open. I do have hope that the Senate will weed through the false hoods and present a good, complete, and proper trial.


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