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Lindsey Graham Says He’s Not Trying to Be a 'Fair Juror' in Impeachment Trial
by Axios
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  • Bethani

    They haven’t presented any evidence of a crime! They just think we’re dumb enough to believe them if they repeat their lies enough!You don’t have to like Trump, my entire family used to be Democrats, but like every other person I know, they have jumped the sinking ship! The House made up its mind on impeachment before Trump even became POTUS! How’s that for fair? Thank God we don’t live in a Democracy! Now they want fair? She doesn’t want to hand it over because she promised their base an impeachment for Christmas! We wouldn’t know if they wouldn’t brag about it on camera! People need to read up on our treaty with Ukraine! Treaties trump Congress & are the supreme law of the land , right under the Constitution and above Fed Law! The Democrats and some Republicans have been using us & Ukraine as a personal piggy bank. That’s where the evidence is! They are protecting themselves, but they hate you! Remember that! “Rules for the me& none for me” Such hypocrites & projection of guilt! I didn’t like Trump, but he was voted in to drain the swamp & dare he do anything he promised!?! Everything makes so much sense now! And these sickos must be held accountable for all of the damage they have done to our nation! We need policy for media to authoritative news media to hold them accountable for their abuse of power! When they know the truth! It’s not difficult to find the truth & who is the bad actors! There is a movement going on right now, I’m seeing more & more people waking up everyday! If you read this , please pray for our fellow brothers & sisters, that they may search out the truth beyond the crooked media! I am grateful that so many great Patriots are rising up to do the job that the news has been refusing to do! It’s painful to know that they are destroying our country, but at the same time God is building us up one by one! Be gentle with yourself. I feel so stupid that I believed the viscous lies, this is a level of manipulation that is most definitely guilty of the same crimes that they have been framing our President with! I feel so bad for him, I wouldn’t be able to remain as calm as he is! That’s discipline! And just told know the truth now and the fake news being forced to talk about it is so beautiful! Last thing, if your are in fact guilty of something, don’t try to throw anyone else under the bus ! God don’t sleep! You reap what you sow! A slanderous spirit is a murderous spirit. Character assassination is wicked! I’m not a Republican, but I definitely want nothing to do with the Democrats! It’s sickening to watch them destroy our party ! It’s almost like they want to see it all burn to the ground! They are trying so hard to take him out, but God is definitely on his side, if not?They wouldn’t be so wreck less. Their like kamikazes!The Kamikaze Party! Merry Christmas! Jesus saves! 🙌🏼


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