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Lindsey Graham Says He’s Not Trying to Be a 'Fair Juror' in Impeachment Trial
by Axios
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  • Laura
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    Senator Graham has announced to the American people and the world he has zero intention of honoring his oath of office. He has declared his plan to use the United States Constitution to wipe his filthy, swampy feet on. And he has proven there is no honor left in him and no lengths he will not go to in order to appease tRump and stay in favor with him, including setting fire to the very foundations of our democracy. I just keep wondering how Graham got to this point. He was only 3 years ago among the few Republicans willing to acknowledge IQ45 as the dangerous clown he is. Now his head is completely up the evil ogre’s backside. Seriously, how did that happen? Cynic that I have become, I rather suspect Senator Graham has a dark secret and the orange demon in the White House knows what it is. Must be a real doozy for that thuggish criminal to have so thoroughly broken Graham and have brought such a previously outspoken critic into such complete boot licking submission. Regardless, Senator Graham has told us who he is now and we should believe him. He is as unfit for office as the malignant monster he has chosen as his master. I certainly hope the good people of South Carolina recognize him as the lost cause he has become and send him packing in 2020.

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