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Call Records Show Devin Nunes in Contact With Indicted Giuliani Associate
by Axios
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  • Jason
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    What’s concerning is that the chair of the House Intelligence Committee subpoenaed another member of that committee’s phone records. While they may have subpoena power, don’t they still require a judge’s approval before proceeding? Or have we tossed aside that bit of constitutional right because it would work against their agenda? On top of that, Congressman Schiff subpoenas for the phone records of journalist John Solomon and the President. For what... to see if they had any conversations with Rudy Giuliani? Is this Nazi Germany? The USSR? Communist China? Oceania? Where are their rights under the Constitution? Their rights to privacy? To due process? To unlawful search and seizure? Who is the judge that approved the subpoenas? And under what evidence were they justified?

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