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Judge Dismisses Trump Lawsuit Over New York Tax Returns
by Axios
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  • Laura
    Voted Yes

    I’ve always believed every person holding a significant position of power in government should release their taxes in the interest of transparency. Still, I wasn’t originally too worked up over the evil orange pmurt not providing his as promised. I said to myself (and others) there were bigger fish to fry because what’s there to really learn? That he is a liar and a fraud? Heck, the majority of us already know that! Over these last 3 excruciatingly long years I have reversed my thinking on this however. The more I have watched our nation endure under this slimy con and his cronies the more likely it appears there’s something big in there that we all need to know. And the more he protests and files with the court to avoid having his taxes released despite his promises to do so and the reality that doing so has been common practice for decades the greater my conviction is that he’s hiding something really scandalous- even for him. So especially now, with impeachment looming and public hearings beginning it seems imperative Congress and the American public have the opportunity to follow the money. If the dude is not a criminal with something to hide he should probably stop acting like one. The best way ever to dash Democratic hopes would be to prove their suspicions wrong by releasing his perfect, best ever tax returns. And yet it seems there are no lengths he isn’t willing to go to to avoid allowing others to see them. Telling, no? You know that old adage about if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck? Well 45 walks and quacks just like a guilty duck with a shady, criminal past he’s trying to hide. Personally, I still don’t need to see his taxes. He has shown me who and what he is and I believe him. But my guess is there just might be something really big tucked away in his tax returns that he’s especially worried about his base (not to mention Congress and law enforcement) knowing. Yes, he should release his taxes. And to avoid future issues of this nature Congress should pass legislation requiring tax returns be filed within 2 months of announcing one’s candidacy or prior to inauguration, whichever comes first.

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