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Graham, McConnell Introducing Resolution Condemning Impeachment Inquiry - Do You Support It?
by Countable's Trump Impeachment Coverage
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  • Laura

    The constant worry for this nation never leaves me anymore. It is a heavy cloak I wear always, day and night. This proposed resolution by Moscow Mitch and suck-up Lindsey Graham is the very epitome of why I anguish so. Democrats and possibly even a few honest Republicans are doing the serious work of the legislative branch as defined in the Constitution. They are addressing an obvious real and present danger to our nation presented by an unstable, out of control president. And yet Graham and McConnell cannot bring themselves to care one iota about this country and her people but rather place all their loyalty in their party and direct all their energy toward the retention of power through obstruction. This is a sad, sad time for America. What’s sadder still for me is knowing my Oklahoma legislators march in lockstep with these betrayers of the nation.


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