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Barr Outlines Mass Shootings Prevention Plan – Do You Support It?
by Countable
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  • Laura
    Voted Oppose

    William Barr has shown himself to lack all credibility and to be nothing more than the orange madman in the White House’s flunky. I don’t know if he was ever a good person but he’s clearly sold his soul to the devil at this point. This is nothing more than a half-assed appeasement, likely thought up with in conjunction with the domestic terrorist promoting NRA. There is no apparent plan here. This is nothing more than a bit of flimflam designed to distract from the daily constitutional crisis that is this administration and allow cover for Republicans up for re-election to point to as something being done. The local funds spent sending “the best and the brightest” to this deceit will be wasted and would be better spent elsewhere. What’s worse is the entire event appears to be focused upon further demonization of already an marginalized population. The mentally ill are not the problem here. Excessively easy access to weapons, particularly weapons of of war is the problem. The mentally ill are not the bad guys. Most often they are the victims in this harsh and too often uncaring society. Who are the bad guys? That would be the NRA and the do nothing legislators they have purchased and crooked con artist Attorney General Barr.

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