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House Republicans Storm Closed Impeachment Hearing in Protest
by Axios
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  • Karen
    Voted Oppose

    I believe that the republicans who stormed the impeachment hearing need to be held accountable. It is part of the problem in congress. They need to stand up against the republicans who are not only doing things that are illegal but also not telling the truth. They are trying hard to cover up everything that trump has done wrong, or lied about or cheated. I do not think that this is just occurring right now. It has been planned for a long time. The dictators whom trump loves have wanted this. They have been able to find a weak man who will do anything to look like he is strong. In my opinion what he has done is treason. He only cares about how he can enrich himself. He has done nothing to protect our country, nor has he tried to help those who do need the help. It is time to stand up for our constitution.

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