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White House Says Trump Condemns Fake Video That Shows Him Violently Attacking Media
by Axios
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  • Laura
    Voted Apathetic

    So “the White House” says he condemns this horrific violent video. But have the words come out of the “president’s” mouth? If he has I haven’t heard about it. He can tweet and rant about everything from Dancing with the Stars to attacking John Legend but has he actually addressed the issue of this violent himself? Nope, not even in light of having blamed the last round of mass shootings on violent video games. When the White House says tRump has condemned something but he never actually does that’s a pretty good sign the staff thinks he should but he won’t. And not for a moment do I believe he hasn’t watched the video. Zero chance. Bet he loved it. That’s the kind of guy he’s proven himself to be.

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