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Esports Company, NBA Draw Bipartisan Backlash for Bowing to China’s Censorship
by Countable
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  • Ron
    Voted Yes

    Of course!! We need to mirror the revolution going on in Hong Kong here in America. When I say “We”, I mean Patriots that actually love our nation need to rise up and overthrow the Marxist bastards in Congress, those who are mayors, those who are Professors, those who are judges and DAs, those in the FBI snd intelligence community, or anyone in law enforcement, and last but not least ANTIFA!! The encroachment of Marxism within the borders of our nation can no longer be tolerated and MUST be uprooted using any means necessary. If that means arrest, detain, and punish, then so be it. There MUST be dire consequences when there is a cancer purposefully being spread to literally destroy an entire nation. That cancer being the repulsive Left’s indoctrination campaign of our children. It’s time to pay for what you have done!!


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