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Stephen Bannon: Trump’s Top Staffer
by Countable
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  • Daryl

    Trump’s move to put Bannon in such an important position is no place for a political advisor. The Council’s proper function relies on the open flow of ideas among experts in military strategy, intelligence and foreign affairs. It is clear that Bannon has his own agenda. Please take action to have him removed. I do not understand why the republicans are just sitting quietly allowing all these things to happen. You've allowed the cabinet posts to go through and most of those choices are totally unqualified and biased.You continue to support the president and his tweets. Most of which are very unpresidential and insulting. Your refusal to take action gives an appearance that you agree with everything that he is doing. How long are all of you going to allow this to keep going on? We are all looking at you and we are all depending on each of you to take some type of action. You have the ability and the power to stop this madness. Please take some action. We beg you. Respectfully

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