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Stephen Bannon: Trump’s Top Staffer
by Countable
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  • Laura

    Please, please, PLEASE remove Bannon from the NSC. It's troubling enough that he's in the White House at all. He's a self proclaimed Leninist who has been quoting saying he wants to burn our democracy to the ground. His policies will instigate our enemies while alienating all of our allies and promoting xenophobia at home. Rather than keeping us safe, Bannon will start a war. He's already made it clear that he will override our country's experts, as with the Muslim ban. And let's be clear: although it may seem like this administration doesn't know what it's doing, nothing happens by accident when Steve Bannon is involved. The chaos and confusion is all part of his master plan. He's a strategic genius, and he knows how to play the president to get him to enforce his plans. We cannot underestimate this individual. Steve Bannon scares me more than Trump. He is as much of a threat to this country as ISIS. He has no business on the NSC. Get him out!

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