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Stephen Bannon: Trump’s Top Staffer
by Countable
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  • Bc

    The importance of the movie HIDDEN FIGURES: February 20, 1962. Daddy and I were fishing on the pier at the Blind River Bar. Well, I was one month from my 4th birthday and remember riding a baby perch up and down the pier in a small metal army jeep that I had. I remember Daddy suddenly saying "Come on!" and I entered the barroom for the first time in my life. There, above the bar, was a tiny, rounded black and white TV. Daddy explained we were about to watch history being made. John Glenn blasted off in a rocket, and took orbit around our great planet Earth 🌏! It is a memory I have never forgotten! Made possible by MANY great Americans working together and changing strict beliefs that existed in that day. May we figure out, once again, how to pull together instead of fighting political sides. America is too great for political egos. We CAN reach compromise without losing dignity. The elected work for you and I. Tell them to get their bipartisan behaviors out of the way and reach agreements! 🇺🇸


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