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Stephen Bannon: Trump’s Top Staffer
by Countable
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  • Christopher

    Steve Bannon has no business on the security council. Even without his cheerful amorality and reckless comments about the inevitability of war in the South China Sea, it is in incredibly poor taste to seat a political operative in a body that deliberates national matters of life and death. George W Bush knew better than to let Mr. Rove sit on that council. I never thought I would see our 43rd president as a pinnacle of wisdom, but 45 is making him look like Cicero. Senator Rubio, after your disappointing support of unqualified Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and morally unsound AG Jeff Sessions, I don't expect you to take a principled stand against your party in this matter. But when the time eventually comes for Representative Crist to consider Articles of Impeachment and for Senators Rubio and Nelson to consider whether to remove Mr Trump, I do hope you weigh his poor judgment in this with the rest of his crimes and misdemeanors and finally and at last disembarrass our country of its worst president, regardless of party. Thank you.

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