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While the Senate Fights, We Ask: What Can Trump's Appointees Actually Do?
by Countable
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  • Midgetgirl05

    I beg of you...start impeachment on Trump! He will end up turning the USA into Nazi Germany! It's horrid enough that we refused the Jewish refugees back in the 1940s. We ALL read the book "Diary of Anne Frank" in school at some point. The German people still feel ashamed about what happened with Hitler. Do we really want that to be the legacy of the United States of America? That not only did we watch as we put Japanese into camps during WWII, we ignored the plight of the women and children fleeing Germany....and LESS than 80 years later we allowed our country. The United States of America is built on the backs of immigrants fleeing their homelands, seeking asylum from war, religious persecution and being hunted down for the color of their skin. We cannot sit idly by and watch it happen!

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