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While the Senate Fights, We Ask: What Can Trump's Appointees Actually Do?
by Countable
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  • Karl

    It is amazing that the professional educators that have driven the public school bus over the cliff have the audacity to attack a person wanting change. It would be foolish to continue to tweak a broken system. Blow it up and start anew. Having attended public schools my whole life as did my children I believe 80% of administration and 60% of teachers should be replaced. Regarding Jeff Sessions, the smear campaign of lies is believed by so many that it is depressing. Just because a Democrat that is trained to lie says it, doesn't make it so. Countless minorities stood up for him only to be labeled. White's defended him only to be labeled. It is the Birmingham of America by the incompetent left. Finally, after 8 years of a corrupt DOJ we have a chance again for some justice to work its way back into the process.

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