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Sessions for Attorney General: Controversial Vote in Senate
by Countable
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  • Cathy

    This is not democracy, this is the boys making sure women are kept in their place. The rule cited, in order to shut Elizabeth Warren down, is to keep Senators from denigrating their colleagues on the Senate floor. When a Senator happens to be trying to read into the record a document which is pertinent to the confirmation hearings, and the integrity and character of the individual under review, it should be allowed. This wasn't a character assassination, all you have to do is review how Jeff Sessions voted since he was first elected to the Senate; he has voted against every proposal that would benefit women including planned parenthood and reproductive rights, equal pay, minority education and job opportunity, voting rights for minorities, funding benefitting women's or minority business start ups, LGBT rights, the MEA, etc.. His obvious bias brings to question his ability to fairly represent those parts of society in the capacity of Attorney General that he obviously does not support. It's hard to be positive when you belong to the marginalized portion of society and you watch the Republican Party take us back 50 years.

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