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Women Can Now Go Topless in 6 States – Should Others Follow Suit?
by Countable
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  • Laura
    Voted Yes

    The truth is I cannot even begin to imagine a time when I would ever want to go topless in public. Nor do I personally know many (if any) women who would. (But that’s probably just the crowd I run with.) Still, what’s good for the gander is good for the goose. The patriarchal imposed rules of modesty for women are crap and just part of the overall systematic misogyny women deal with 24/7. Too modest? Prude. Not modest enough? Whore. And nothing drives home this point so much as the comments I have read in response to this question. There are of course the predicable cries of “but the children...” So what about the children? If you don’t want children scandalized by seeing a woman’s breasts then stop scandalizing women’s breasts. Then there are the much more disturbing comments implying women would be responsible for being raped if they choose not to wear a shirt because men are “visual”. That’s seriously messed up dudes. Also, I think the v word you are looking for is violent, not visual. Much of what is identified as morals is really just cultural. There are many countries in the world where it is commonplace for women to go topless and in those cultures women’s breasts are not sexualized as they are here. These cultures are no less “moral” than our own. Women going topless in western culture is only shocking because we choose to be shocked. This may seem a silly, shallow question on the surface, but equality and self-autonomy when it comes to our bodies are deep and serious issues and the responses of some to this question just go to show how much work there is to be done to bring down the patriarchy so that we are all truly free and equal.


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