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Women Can Now Go Topless in 6 States – Should Others Follow Suit?
by Countable
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  • Adam
    Voted Yes

    This is a difficult subject, in my opinion. One the one hand, I see and support the push for equality. On the other hand, I can see how this could potentially cause problems for some businesses. I think the best option is to allow women to walk around topless in public. If a business doesn’t want people walking around without any clothes on their torso, then that business can post signage notifying customers that they are required to be covered while in that place of business (many businesses already have such signage in place, so not much would change in that regard). Places of worship could put up similar signage. There is nothing inherently sexual about women’s breasts, and they should not be treated as objects of sexual desire simply because they’re there. Women’s breasts are there to feed their (potential) offspring. If cis men had mammary glands, we would have similar breasts.

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