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Trump Confirms He Discussed Biden With Ukrainian President
by Axios
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  • Laura
    Voted Angry

    Democrats are right to demand the transcripts of the conversation with Zelensky. I hope they will be courageous in their pursuit of the truth. IQ45 will never willingly release the transcripts without a fight though for the same reason he won’t release his taxes or allow anyone to know what was said in his private meeting with Putin. He relies on obstruction to avoid the American people knowing the facts about his lies and his crimes and his using the office of the presidency for his own self-enrichment. Oh how I wish my representation in Washington would stand up for America. But unfortunately they’ve all got their noses too far up corrupt trump’s backside to care about anything but licking whatever he tells them to and fulfilling their own greedy inclinations. I’d dearly love it if they’d prove me wrong just this once, but of course they won’t. It becomes more evident every day they truly do not care about the law or this nation. It’s party politics over the people 100% for Cole, Lankford and Inhofe. I have no doubt that even as I type this they are busy twisting facts and making excuses for the slime-bag god they truly serve.

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