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Sessions for Attorney General: Controversial Vote in Senate
by Countable
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  • Cecilia

    Sessions is against collecting data regarding police violence and hate crimes. I urge you to pass legislation in Texas that allows us to do so. Our policepeople serve our state and nation greatly, but we all agree no one is above the law; if an unfortunate event or rare occasion occurred, the great state of Texas should be able to know and act as deemed adequate. I also urge you to authorize our great state of Texas to hold police depts accountable, regardless if Sessions doesn't. He has proven to be a person of derogatory remarks and racism, and whose record shows he will not —in good faith, for the betterment of ALL the American People (not just those who share his views)— stand up to the president or another entity in representation of and for (ALL) The People. We cannot allow a man of this caliber to negatively affect Texas' amazing growth and development in the past decades. We must always move forward and persist. #DontMessWithTexas

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