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Pentagon Mulls Leasing Space at Trump Tower and More In Politics Today
by Countable
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  • PLD

    This is certainly going to be the most expensive Presidency in U.S.history (if it isn't already!) Trump has had the luxury of billing the US taxpayer since the first flight the Secret Service took on his plane while he was a candidate. With already having rental fees for necessary protection at Trump Towers full time, it is horrendous. Yet, Trump has failed to be forced to meet any type of transparency requirements and certainly his conflicts of interests have yielded profits for the Trump business on a regular basis (A business where he remains to directly profit still!) Certainly, the lack of any clear ethical standards guiding the GOP Majority, is there no one who can stop the profits being made by Trump off the back of taxpayers??? Four more years of this snd the average tax payer will be working a fair portion of the year to pay for. Trump and his fellow millionaires!

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