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Sessions for Attorney General: Controversial Vote in Senate
by Countable
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  • Seth

    Senators: take note now. This midterm isn't going to be like the last one. The public isn't sleepy and docile, it is awake and it is angry. Democrat or Republican, if you're a mindless adherent to party politics, we have no interest in you. Spine, integrity, character - those are not words people associate with senators anymore, and they are becoming more important than the letter by your name. Represent the people of your state - not a party that is out of touch. Sessions is a bad choice, Republican or Democrat. He will trod on civil rights, back police without holding them accountable for their actions, and dismiss the fears of entire communities as partisanship. The attorney general, more than any person in the country, is responsible for the implementation of justice throughout the nation - ask yourself if his kind of justice is what you want to see as the law of the land.


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