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Sessions for Attorney General: Controversial Vote in Senate
by Countable
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  • Janet

    Please vote "NO" to Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. It is dangerous and outrageous for him to become our country's Attorney General. He has a track record of being racist, homophobic, xenophobic and a misogynist. Coretta Scott King was an eyewitness to his rein and elegantly explained in her letter from 1986 why someone like him should not be elevated to such a powerful position. In a letter she wrote at the time, King said that Sessions “lacks the temperament, fairness, and judgement to be a federal judge.” Sessions, who has joked about supporting the KKK and once referred to a black colleague as “boy,” was denied the judgeship. Whereas King marched alongside her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., for voting rights, Sessions has referred to the Voting Rights Act as “intrusive.” Sessions also infamously fought to prosecute three civil rights activists for voter fraud in a case that former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who worked on the case, called a “cautionary tale” of “what can happen when prosecutorial discretion is unchecked, when regard for facts is secondary to political objectives.” He is anti-abortion, anti-immigration, skeptical of climate change and hostile to same-sex marriage. On issues of criminal justice, Sessions has championed “law and order”, stern marijuana prohibition and the unregulated use of civil forfeiture by law enforcement. He is out of touch with the American people who do not want to go back to the dark ages of Sessions. Just say NO. Sessions is dangerous for the people and for our democracy.


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