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Sessions for Attorney General: Controversial Vote in Senate
by Countable
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  • Paul

    Just remember, your constituents do not forget.Wise words from a friend of a friend of a friend: Take heart, folks. Yes, Betsy DeVos was confirmed. This does NOT mean the outpouring of resistance and activism was futile. We need to make sure everyone, but especially those new to this kind of activism know that. This is the long game and it's important to understand that you can lose well or lose badly. We lost well. Some losses can actually help build power, create narratives and move the ball forward. Here is what we achieved: 1. Pence had to cast a vote on this. Now he owns her and whatever crazy stuff she will do. We will make this come back and haunt him again and again and again and again. 2. Forcing Pence to come down to the Senate and have to vote on it given a GOP controlled Senate is in and of itself a critically important victory- this Administration is not bipartisan, there is massive resistance and they are already even losing some in their own party. The harder we make them fight/expend energy on any given thing, the less time/energy/political capital they have to do other terrible things they have on their list. 3. She has been effectively framed as the extreme, know-nothing that she is and millions of people are now engaged in stopping her from implementing her dangerous ideas..and we can continue to use the power we've built and her poor image to hammer hard in opposition to the damaging policies she will be trying to promote. 4. We now have great ammo against GOP Senators in 2018 races, especially Flake (AZ) and Heller (NV)

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