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POLL: Should Betsy DeVos Have Been Confirmed?
by Countable
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  • Tracy

    Dear Senators Flake and McCain, I am a 6th generation Arizonan. I remember as a child, nothing in our home was stressed more than the importance of education. College was an attainable dream in America, and I succeeded, thanks to the public school system. I am wondering if you could provide information on the amount of Nay phone calls you received regarding the nomination of Betsy DeVos? How many of your constituents asked you, begged you, to think about our children first. Sadly, Senator McCain, your vote was bought for what? $50,000 dollars? If I can promise to raise $50,0001 can I buy your vote as well? Senator Flake, how about you? You both seem to care more about your pockets, and your party, than the people of your state. It's just shameful. Luckily, I've worked my way out of poverty, I understand the role of values, virtues, and valor. I will use this public education and will rally behind those who put people and morals as their priority, instead their pockets. I'm ashamed of you. Sad, and yet unsurprised, Tracy Vega, Arizona constituent and advocate.


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